Hardware & IoT

The opportunities are enormous, and so are the development challenges

IoT (Internet of Things) is the ever growing network of smart devices that communictate to improve interaction. Make your great idea a reality, with our expertise. 50 Billion IoT devices are expected by 2020, make sure some are yours!

Our Process


We prototype new devices using Arduino and Raspberry Pi’s to keep costs low, and ensure flexibility. No need to manufacturer custom micro-controllers until we are sure we are creating something perfect.


You dream, while we develop. Our expert developers develop using the latest technology, to ensure that you are getting the most out of your hardware solution. Communication with hardware is what defines IoT devices, so proper and interactive code is essential to creating a product that engages your users.

Manufacturing, Sourcing and Release

Every step of the way we help you make your dream a reality. We engineer great solutions, and use our worldwide partners to make sure we can manufacture or source the hardware necessary, for your budget. We extensively test both the hardware and software, with many options available for public beta-testing if requested. Finally, we help get your product out the door and known to the world.

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