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Helping Middle Eastern Americans find connections

Finding people you connect with can be difficult, especially when meeting the right person is often deemed a chance encounter and you are an immigrant in the USA. Albi wanted to build a platform that would increase the probability of you finding the right person in your locality.

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Project scope

Simublade X Albi: Coming together to redefine the dating space

The Albi team came to us with an idea - to develop a dating platform for Middle Eastern Americans where they can find similar origin people to connect with around their locality. We partnered with them to conceptualize, design, and build an application that would address the exact requirement with the assurance of high performance and an increased likelihood of finding their connection.

Design goals

Making the online dating experience
less daunting

Online dating platforms are often associated with apprehensions like emotional risks, message encryption, safety, etc. When we were designing Albi, our idea was to help Middle Eastern Americans find people who aligned with their preferences on a platform that was extremely easy to use and had trust-inducing elements at every corner.

Our team of designers spent a lot of time with the Albi team and real users of Middle Eastern origin to understand the exact issues they had with existing options in the market, the experience set they were missing, and discussing their requirements in detail. After an extensive design sprint session, we built a wireframe that represented the app’s walkthrough along with the rightful placement of the feature sets.

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Once the wireframe got approval from the key stakeholders, we went on to fill in the white and black blanks with an intuitive set of design elements and interface - one that made it easy for users to move in the application, intuitively. On the user experience level, our agenda was to build a design system that would induce a feeling of security and hope of finding the right person - something that we achieved with the app flow and intrinsically meeting the users' requirements.

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Color & Typography

Development focus

Building compatibilities between users and with the application

We followed a strictly agile mode of development which brought our entire team of designers, developers, and quality assurance experts together. The core idea was to build a secure, highly intuitive application that made the process of finding the right person almost organic.

Our team brainstormed the app’s nitty gritty right from the user flow, finalized questions that would resonate with Middle Eastern Americans looking for connection, and fixed the feature sets that would make Albi a trusted dating platform. While building the application, we offered and implemented several suggestions such as adding localized languages, offering a premium model, and finding ways to monetize the application - everything that ultimately helped shape Albi’s business model.

Easy onboarding

Multiple parameters for matching capabilities

Swipe Yes/No for potential matches

Filter potential matches

View and connect with matches across a 50-mile radius

Message the matches

Access phone features like - Location, Notifications, Camera, and Photos

Request help


Where we are today

Albi dating application is running successfully on the Play Store with users relying on it to find their true connections in the USA. As for us, the Simublade team is on standby where we are ready to be deployed when they require a new feature addition or a change in design or architecture.


We helped Albi become a go-to dating platform for MENA users looking for connections in the USA


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