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Taking cybersecurity
beyond antivirus

Ensuring that you have zero breach instances and remain compliant with every regulatory and industry-level compliance that is relevant for your business is something that requires something bigger than a firewall and antivirus software. Our team of cybersecurity professionals knows this perfectly well.

product design

Cybersecurity solutions that
eliminates at-risk probabilities

We combine our security-first development expertise with the regulatory-level standards to build solutions
that make you secure on both internal and external grounds. Our cyber risk management approach is known
to build a system that proactively catches a hack instance before your business is compromised.

Compliance Assessment & Consulting
Compliance Assessment & Consulting

Our application security team runs an in-depth analysis of your processes to measure their compliance-readiness for every regulatory and industry-level protocol and policy. We also work with you to identify and address problem areas.

Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Management

Our cyber protection experts run an in-depth analysis of your network assets and its associated vulnerabilities. We also specialize in building a solution that maintains an up-to-date and secure infrastructure.

Cloud Migration
Cloud Migration

We help you move your business-critical infrastructure to the cloud by identifying processes that would benefit from being on a secure cloud. Using the capabilities of Amazon and Microsoft Cloud, we make your organization highly secure and efficient.

Disaster Recovery Plan
Disaster Recovery Plan

As a part of our cyber security services for small business, we help you build a detailed data backup and recovery strategy that helps with bouncing back in less time after a disaster occurs, and keeping your employees prepared for every situation.

Multi-factor Authentication
Multi-factor Authentication

Our cybersecurity services experts specialize in adding multiple levels of protection in the software’s access control design. We also build a system that ensures only authorized people can access your data.

Endpoint Detection & Response
Endpoint Detection & Response

Our integrated endpoint security part of cyber risk management offerings provide a real-time continuous monitoring of malicious and suspicious activity and containing them in real time. The fact that they work 24*7 ensures that the software remains hack-proof.

Cybersecurity Strategy
Cybersecurity Strategy

Our cyber security experts work with you to create a strategy around identifying at-risk processes, building a real-time monitoring system, and creating checklists for every software development and maintenance effort.

Making your business hack-proof
with an advanced set of technologies

Building a system that provides cyber threat intelligence and offers real-time monitoring of at-risk elements
of the architecture requires an inclusion of top technologies and frameworks. A combination of tech stack
that we have made a part of our offering.


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Co-creating success stories
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A beautifully designed & functional app

Simublade did an outstanding job creating Savve app. Their team's expertise resulted in a highly functional app.

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I'm thrilled with Simublade's work

Their agile development process allowed for efficient iterations and quick adjustments. Overall, it's been a fruitful collaboration.

Matthew - Founder
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Simublade surpassed our expectations

They suggested an agile sprint method, and provided innovative and user friendly solutions.

Tim Reiff - Co-Founder
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In the digital age, every business - startup and enterprises - are at risk of being hacked or their data getting breached. What makes it all the more challenging are the constantly changing compliance requirements. Noting all of this, it has become important for every business to have a cybersecurity plan in place.

There are a number of cybersecurity services that a cybersecurity consulting company offers - Cybersecurity strategy, Compliance assessment and consulting, Vulnerability management, Cloud migration, Disaster recovery plan, Multi-factor authentication, and Endpoint detection & response.

The cost of building a cybersecurity plan varies greatly from one industry to another and also according to the projects’ complexities. For reference, it can be in the range of $20k to $50 or much lower and higher.

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