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Helping build an intuitive car buying platform

Buying a car online is notoriously famous for being difficult. Either it offers too many options or gives too little information for well-researched buying. Caristas wanted to change that with their QnA-based intuitive platform.

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About Caristas

Changing the car buying dynamics, one question at a time

Caristas is the new and easy way to find the perfect car. It only takes about six minutes, and the users don't even have to know what car, truck, or SUV they want.  All they need to do is answer some simple questions to help the Caristas intuitive engine know their needs and show the cars that are right for them.

Project scoping

Detailing out the plan of action

When Caristas came to us, they wanted to build a product that would make the car buying journey easier with fewer options and an easy interface. Our agenda was clear: build an intuitive question-and-answer application that would track users' preferences and give them options.

The first step for us was to create a user persona based on competitor analysis, customers' pain points and goals, and the ideal in-app movement.

User persona mapping

Defining users attributes

Charting out a user's persona around their social status, motivators, and present roadblocks gave us clarity regarding what they would need from an unconventional car-buying application. This clarity then shaped our design system and development objective.

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Jack Fernandes

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Solution he found
Plan of action
Problem with this approach
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Milestone plan

With the user persona now made, we fixed the features and put the design and development efforts into a weekly milestone plan.

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Color & Typography

Designing experiences

Crafting simplification
powered design system

The design thinking behind Caristas was focused on making it easy for users to walk through an unconventional application. We designed the question-and-answer interface in a way that was easy to follow through, had minimal distractions, and was quick.

Additionally, the entire user flow and interface were conceptualized to make the car buying journey easier for new users - giving them just the information they needed in a language they would understand. To make this possible, we approached the process with heavy use of minimalist elements - icons, color combinations, and text format,  in-app placement.

Development objective

Making the car-buying journey
immersive and intuitive

With Caristas, we built an architecture that made car shopping exciting by letting users choose their answers, which created a path of finding the perfect car that was unique to every user.

In the 14 months development process, which combined both DevOps and Agile approaches, we took care of little things to make the journey all the more immersive and secure, such as building a map view to see cars available near your location instead of talking to dealers who then treat your data as their sales collateral.

Every feature was designed with a focus on user experience and time efficiency. For example, once users selected their car, they received a customized checklist guiding them through every step of the purchase process.

Since the application relied very heavily on customization, we used the capabilities of AI to make the car search and buying process predictive and overly simplified.

Team Structure

Frontend Developer
Backend Developer
Project Manager
DevOps Engineer
Quality Analyst

Tech Stack


Third Party Integration


Results that transformed standardized car buying

Our dedicated efforts with Caristas led to a platform that experienced a remarkable over 16% increase in the inventory turnover rate. Additionally, the cost per car sold slightly decreased as current users organically brought in more customers.


We brought a revolutionary change in the outdated car-buying process.


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