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Curbing pandemic spread with biosecurity suite

COVID-19 taught us how unprepared we were for a pandemic. While companies were quick in opting for the work-from-home model, bringing employees back in the light of lingering doubt that the virus is still active took almost two years. Crowdtrace was a COVID product that wanted our help in preparing businesses for a safe re-opening.

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About Crowdtrace

Making every business premise COVID-safe

In this worrisome pandemic environment, there was pressure on some companies to call back their employees but since business continuity shouldn’t come at the cost of human lives, they started looking for solutions to make returning to the office safe. Crowdtrace was one such solution that came laced with preventive functionalities like daily symptom screening, contact tracing, and more.

Project scoping

Features and efforts aligned with the
urgency of the situation

Crowdtrace was launched at a time when COVID-19 was at its peak and businesses were in dire need to ensure their employees’ safety. This translated into a situation where the time we had to brainstorm features, usability scenarios, and execute the planned efforts were tightly knit. 

Our team approached this expedited journey by having in-depth discussions with the clients on who were the stakeholders, the different things they would want to track, and their plans around in-office crowd control.

Once we had the efforts plan laid out, we went on to place them together in an agile-focused milestone plan.

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Product design

A design system that assures health security

When we were designing Crowdtrace, we kept one thing certain - the cloud of worry that was there in the world shouldn’t enter the app experience. Every core feature and visual look of the mobile and web application, right from contact tracing and symptom screening to other areas was kept minimal and quick in-out friendly.  The result was an application that was easy to use and didn’t add to the general worry that employees had as they stepped out of their house to work in the office.

Development objective

Building a custom biosecurity suite for
diverse use cases and industries

Crowdtrace was engineered to be a white-label solution that businesses, across industries, could integrate with the systems they were using. We powered the platform with insightful features - daily symptom screening, contact tracing, crowd control, dashboard, and smart integrations - that were designed to keep employees safe during the pandemic.  

In addition to building a secure application, we also worked with a dedicated focus on ensuring that every individual feature was scalable enough to be used separately by businesses. To ensure this, we put the best team and technology to work.

Team Structure

Frontend Developer
Backend Developer
Project Manager
DevOps Engineer

Tech Stack


A solution that prevented 3 offices’ shutdowns

Several COVID-hit businesses swore upon the efficiency of Crowdtrace in keeping their employees safe while complying with government regulations.


We made Crowdtrace to be critical for a business’s continuity


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