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Decentralizing payments
for merchants

Banking and financial institutions tend to impose complex rules and high charges on businesses they consider to be high-risk. These complications which usually appear in the shape of high fees and customers’ inability to file chargebacks tend to increase the transaction charges and users’ displeasure. DoughFi chose to work with Blockchain and us to change the system.

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Project background

Merchant transactions simplified

Currently, industries like gambling, cannabis dispensaries, precious metals, and money-transfer space are marked high-risk by financial and banking regulators. This nomenclature leaves a direct impact on transaction charges, ease of money transfer, and chargeback requests. As a countermeasure, several high-risk businesses have started adopting blockchain. DoughFi was one of them.

Scope of work

Defining the work plan and end goal

DoughFi was to be built as a blockchain-powered payment platform that would help high-risk industries’ merchants manage payments without worrying about high transaction costs and regulators-imposed restrictions. Our team, together with DoughFi’s team, brainstormed the underlying architecture and the feature sets that would complement them, resulting in us choosing Stellar Network as the main protocol.


Color & Typography

Design system

Design sprint session
unraveling infinite possibilities

We conducted a product design sprint using agile methodologies and incorporating feedback from key stakeholders, to design the platform's user interface. Post the interactive, insightful session, we built a design system that would ensure consistency, trust, innovativeness, and cohesion throughout the platform.

Our team also worked on developing the platform's information architecture to ensure that it was intuitive and easy to navigate.

Development efforts

Bringing merchant payments
revolution to life

Once the UI design was finalized, our development team began building the product. They used an agile development approach, which allowed them to quickly iterate on the product and respond to feedback from stakeholders. We also used continuous integration and delivery practices to ensure the product was stable and scalable and that new features and updates could be rolled out smoothly.

At the end of the 8 months of dedicated efforts, we delivered an application that made it easy for users to transfer funds (fiat and cryptocurrency) to their friends and make merchant payments.

Team Structure

Backend Developer
Frontend Developer
Project Manager
DevOps Engineer
Quality Analyst

The problems

  • Navigating the complex legal and regulatory environment
  • Managing high concurrency and slow blockchain network speed

Executed solutions

  • Kept users’ data on a secure cloud to ensure that the clarity needed by regulators was present.
  • Introduced transaction speed in the business model to increase the transaction speed.

Launching Soon

With the development now complete, the DoughFi team is running marketing and promotional campaigns to prepare for the big app launch. We are on standby to help them with their further development or feature, design modification efforts.


We are helping DoughFI change the high-risk merchant payments landscape


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