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Building an app that keeps competitive spirit satisfied

In the everyday hustle of life, we often deprioritize our competitive spirit - which is not forced upon us by the corporate world or a stressful market. Jitt Entertainment wanted to change that with an application that would inform the users of competitions happening around them while giving them a fair opportunity to get rewarded.

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App purpose

Defining the North Star

Jitt Entertainment came to us with the concept of an application that allowed users to create and participate in competitions to potentially win monetary prizes. Users could post entries if they qualified for a particular competition and then compete to win a predetermined prize set by the competition creator, based on the number of votes their entries received. The application also would enable the users to create competitions.

Discovery workshop

The preparations for taking the
idea to execution

After getting on board with the app’s concept, we held a discovery workshop session where we worked with the Jitt team to fix the app’s details. Our team started with building a user persona highlighting who would be the app’s users, what they wish to achieve, what complications they face now (in the absence of Jitt), and everything else that would help us understand who were we building the solution for.

The user persona activity brought us to a stage where we had a detailed idea of who the application would serve. The next question was ‘How’. To answer that, we built a user flow journey that detailed how someone would move in the application - an insight that led to the development of a wireframe that resonated with the final application.

Design goals

Arranging intents into experiences

When we were planning the design system for Jitt Entertainment, the idea was simple - create a UI-UX that would attract users and inspire them to participate in a competition from the moment they enter the application.

Because the app was to have multiple pieces of information, mostly textual, we followed an approach where we categorized similar datasets according to user in-app movement. It meant for us to step into their shoes and walk through the application in a way they would; to plan elements, text placements in areas that had the biggest likelihood of being chosen in route to applying for a competition in-app.

Our design-thinking approach from the beginning of the app journey was to make it visually easy for users to find a competition, of their preferred category, happening around them and apply for it.

Typography & Colors

Development cycle

Taking development beyond lines of code

When the Jitt Entertainment team came to us with the idea, they were looking for a team that would build the application in a limited timeframe with uncompromised quality and experience.

The objective made one thing clear on the development end - we had to build a cross-platform application and divide key deliverables into well-planned agile milestones.

To achieve this, we got our team of designers, React Native developers, and QA experts together to put all the key features together - User Authentication and Profiles, Search, Content Upload, and In-App Payments. All in a time frame of 22 weeks.

The 7 people team made up of a project manager, designer, developer, and QA expert worked dedicatedly on the product to ensure that it was prepared for high concurrency and made it seamless for the users to look for competitions, upload videos, and vote for their favorite.

What made this all possible was a mix of technical expertise and the right use of tools and frameworks.

Tech Stack


The result

Our 22-week dedicated design and developmental efforts led to an application that is used by thousands of people in the USA for finding and enrolling in competitions to get exciting rewards.


We helped Jitt become the source of competitive spirit for thousands across the globe


Mobile App Design & Development for Entertainment Company


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They were very flexible with accepting input.

Simublade designed a unique concept and delivered a functional app. The team set project milestones, met timelines, and was responsive to the client's needs. Their ability to take an idea from concept to completion and flexibility in accepting feedback also contributed to the engagement's success.


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