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Connecting worlds through live streaming

The community you build through mobile apps can change the world - this belief built the foundation of Just.Live: a community-powered app that runs on live streaming.

About Just.Live

Fighting injustice with digital-powered unity

When more than half of the world's population is on mobile, why shouldn't the device be used to create impact? Just.Live was engineered to be a platform where people came together to talk about and raise instances of social injustice. The concept was simple: build a community application that would work on live streaming and forums.


We explored the events, cases, and videos that led to this idea extensively. What we found was inspiring and powerful, and led us to design an application that focused on 3 things: safety, voice, and community. Our aim was to build an experience that focuses on user stories and communication. Altogether, we had to build a platform that gave users a voice.

Sakshi Jain - Product Manager
Project scoping

Fixing the essence and premise

Just.Live was a combination of multiple features and functionalities. Our client calls, and extensive research gave us enough use cases to understand what the expectations were from the application. Our primary goal was to focus on the core component of the platform: scalable live streaming, for which we explored countless potential solutions. The solutions were to provide instantaneous streaming, work on low-bandwidth connections, and be able to support thousands of concurrent users.

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Placing functionalities in timelines

The agenda behind Just.Live was straightforward - build a user flow that revolved around instant access to live stream, view your rights, and communicate with the people around you. The agenda which was then transformed into weekly milestone plans.

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Color & Typography

Design concept

Inspiring Action through Simplified Design

Just.Live design system was built on the idea of simplified experience sharing and inspiration. Every element of the application, from the buttons and in-screen movements to color choices and the core features, was designed at the back of multiple user journeys and app launch scenarios.

Development objective

Engineering a Highly Concurrent
Live Streaming Solution

The team worked on Just.Live with an agile mode of development and deployment, enabling an iterative delivery of a high-quality live streaming system in a rapidly moving space. On a holistic level, we built the applications natively for iOS and Android to allow for optimal performance. On the intrinsic end, we built a competent RTMP-based live streaming system capable of thousands of streams and viewers concurrently and supporting adaptive bitrate, local recording fallback for all types of connections and scenarios.

The application underwent intensive scalability testing post-development to ensure it can stand up to thousands of users worldwide. We performed usability testing across regions to ensure global compatibility and iterated multiple times to perfect the user journey.

Team Structure

Backend Developer
Frontend Developer
Project Manager
DevOps Engineer
Quality Analyst

Tech Stack


Third Party Integration

Solving challenges

Navigating through complexities

The problem

While exploring the multiple scenarios in which this application would be used, we encountered an important and challenging problem. How could we protect user videos from being deleted by the wrong parties? We explored the issue extensively to develop a solution that respected user privacy and provided them security from bad players.


A two-step video retention system was developed by our team where when a user attempts to delete a video, an authentication through biometrics (Face ID or Fingerprint readers) or a PIN code is required. The 'Delete Video' prompt first hides the video for user privacy and then initiates a 30-day countdown until deletion.

The results

The Just.Live is currently in testing and will be deployed to both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. Although the application has not launched yet, we are excited to have contributed to a solution that allows people the ability to connect with and be protected by a worldwide community.


Just.Live is set to become a phenomenon in the social space


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