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Meet same-vibe people at the trendiest spots

Being caught up in the busyness of life, we often miss out on going to the trendiest places in our cities and meeting new people with new perspectives but the same vibe. Opar wanted to change that, and we took it upon ourselves to solve the social disconnect.

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About Opar

A social media
app connecting people
through vibes & places

Opar was the outcome of a concept that would make it possible for people to share their experience with the trendiest venues and talk to, play games with other Opar users present in the same venue, anonymously. The idea behind the application was to inspire people to get out of their mundane lives, explore new places, and meet like-minded people.

Project scoping

Exploring the full
potential of geolocation

The Opar team approached us with an exciting concept for people looking to explore new places and meet people. Achieving this called for utilizing the true capabilities of geolocation facilities. From the early stages of our discussions, it was clear that location would play a key role in the app’s business model - users would check into a location and post images, videos with their geotag functionality on, they could message people who were in the same venue, and even earn coins by playing games with other Opar users present in the same location.

Noting the focus on geolocation, we brainstormed different use cases in which people would use the application and planned ways to make their experience rewarding.

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Merging unique
features in 52 weeks

Opar's success depended on the perfect functioning of three features - social media-like media posting, commenting, in-app messaging, and gaming. Planning, designing, and building these features with high performance and security assurance translated into 52 weeks of agile development.

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Color & Typography

Design system

Bringing the essence of
community and vibrancy to life

Just.Live design The Opar team came to us with 80% of the app’s UI/UX ready. Our role was to build upon the design system at the back of the need to evoke a mood switch that would take users out of their mundane but comfortable lives to one where they are going out and meeting new people. We could only achieve this by adding visually appealing, vibrant elements to the application. Our design team enhanced the existing UI/UX designs and made them more minimal yet color-rich while adding icons that both Gen Y and Gen Z would find easy to use.

Developing innovation

Building features that combine the best
of gamification and social experiences

On the development level, we engineered three architectures -

In-app messaging: one where users could only interact with other users in their venue and one where they could talk to anybody,  

Two in-app games, built from scratch, on a points-based user engagement mechanism,  

Social media interface for posting, commenting, and sharing venue experiences.  

At the core of all these features was geolocation. Opar was designed so that users could only post, message, and play games with a specific segment of users while inside a venue. This led to a situation where they had to be checked out from the application when they left the venue’s coordinates. 

Ensuring geo-location-based checkout in multiple network conditions called for including the best technology stack and team size.

Team Structure

Backend Developer
Frontend Developer
Project Manager
DevOps Engineer
Quality Analyst

Tech Stack


Third Party Integration


Making the app ready for the big release

Following the design and development of a feature-rich, engaging version, Opar is in the pipeline for its final deployment and launch. We are confident that, upon its market release, Opar will instantly resonate with Gen Y and Gen Z users seeking addictive, gamified social media experiences.


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