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Project background

Building the biggest used auto parts eCommerce store

In a market dominated by digital C2C transactions in the automobile sector, the auto parts industry lagged behind. Used Engines recognized the potential and envisioned creating the largest used auto parts eCommerce store. While the concept was solid, the existing website posed a challenge in translating this vision into reality.


The requirement was clear for us from the initial brainstorming call. We had to work on website rebranding and brainstorm new features to make the used auto parts buying journey easier and more trustworthy.

Project goals

Tracing back from
outcome to planning

The Used Engines reengineering project was built upon a few direct end goals and objectives. Before starting the actual work on the project, our team confirmed and finalized the KPIs which, would then mark our efforts’ direction.

Enhance User Experience

Improve Search Engine Visibility

Increase Sales and Conversions

Provide Comprehensive Information

Milestone plan

Six months transition from an ineffective website to the biggest online retailers

The Used Engines project combined two individual sets of activities - 1. Rebranding and 2. Implementation of customer experience-focused functionalities. Executing a swift transition from an ineffective website to becoming one of the largest online retailers, the project unfolded over six months with a meticulous plan:

timeline timeline

Color & Typography

Design concept

Bringing an underperforming
retail website on the digital map

Our rebranding and redesigning efforts aimed to make the website more intuitive, experience-focused, and almost organic to use. Our team of product designers ran a thorough market, competition, and user research to develop an information architecture, design system that represented the convenience of buying used engines and transmissions for a wide range of car models. 

Right from the visual aspects like color choice and icons finalization to research-oriented activities like user flow and empathy mapping, we created an interface that led to a conversion-first experience. 

Mobile Screens
Mobile Screens
Mobile Screens
Mobile Screens
Development efforts

Rebuilding Used Engines for improved
sales volume and market dominance

The development phase of Used Engines was focused on building the website from scratch with a new design, user flow. Another critical point for us to work on was developing a functionality to improve customer experience. 

While our design team took charge of the former, for the latter, our team suggested and executed a live chat and improved customer support to answer queries in real-time. In 6 months, we rebuilt everything from a new interface, live chat feature, to an entirely new user flow. We achieved this by combining the best technology stack with the best team.

Team Structure

Backend Developer
Frontend Developer
Project Manager
DevOps Engineer
Quality Analyst

Tech Stack


Third Party Integration

Solving complications

Addressing complexities in the
lowest turnaround time

Problem statements

Updating the data-heavy legacy website with zero downtime.

Data cleanup before it gets on the retail website.


We reengineered the website with new technologies at the back of a milestone wise migration plan.

We splitted and categorized data for efficient processing. Next, we built a system to convert these objects into a CSV file, which could be used to update the database in one go.


It all boiled down to a 60% rise in monthly traffic and 5X sales volume in > 6 months

After witnessing substantial growth in the numbers, Used Engines is planning to launch a full-fledged eCommerce store. Instead of browsing through the website and making orders through phone or form, the users can place orders for engines and transmission and get them delivered - seamlessly, without connecting to a human.

Our reengineering efforts led to a 62% rise in Used Engines sales volume


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