Clinical Ticketing

MD Anderson leads the world in cancer research and treatment. The Clinical Ticketing app allowed more efficient reporting of imaging physics data on the go. So less time could be spent working on maching and more time spend helping patients.


MD Anderson Imaging Physics wanted a solution to increase efficiency of MRI equipment and technicians using on-the-go data analytic and statistics of machines and scans.

The mobile app that resulted was Clinical Ticketing, a mobile app that allowed Imaging equipment data to be uploaded and analyzed on the go. Physicians and physicists could view scan data without the restrictions of viewing on a desktop computer.

The Clinical Ticketing application allowed physicians to see important imaging data on to go, and allowed physicist and technicians to analyze scan data from anywhere, decreasing down time and potentially speeding up scanning and physician interaction.

Clinical Ticketing

ClientMD Anderson
SkillsiOS Mobile Development, UI/UX