McSloy Construction

McSloy Construction brings modern technology to an otherwise analog industry. A Texas company, McSloy Construction is using a integrated PMS and CMS system to track every aspect of a project to perfection.


McSloy Construction needed a system to digitize and automate their workflows and bring them to one place. The solution would need to be able to handle every phase of a project from bid generation to feedback collection.

Simublade created a Customer and Project Management System that brought the entire project lifecycle to one integrated app. From tracking leads to awarding contracts to receiving feedback after project completion, the resulting web app allows for unparalleled automation in the construction workflow.

McSloy Construction has a scalable, integrated application that makes them a leader in the industry. With integrated financials, a suite of invoicing and signing services and even a feedback collection system, the McSloy PMS system significantly reduces workflow overhead across the organization and allows for unparalleled customer service.

McSloy Construction

ClientMcSloy Construction
SkillsWeb Development (Angular) , Backend, UI/UX