CoTravel aims at connecting people together with similar travel interests, and allowing industry members to share their travel benefits so more people can experience travel for less.


Two former airline industry members came to us with a unique idea, wanting to create a completely new way of experiencing travel with new people. They wanted people to be able to connect with each other based on their travel interests, and share benefits in order to reduce costs significantly. CoTravel promotes the idea of traveling with a companion with the same travel related interests as you.

Using React Native we were able to deliver a spectacular iOS mobile application that intelligently finds matches based on multiple criteria. Users are filtered by their industries, able to be matched with others so they can easily share benefits and travel to their interest points. A card feed view allows users to easily see and go through their matches, and once matched they can chat with each other just as easily.

CoTravel aims to disrupt and change how people travel. The aim is to promote traveling with a companion for a reduced cost, lowering the boundary of entry for a lot of people wanting to explore the world. It unlocks new possibilities for people wanting to experience the world of traveling by connecting them with people with the same exact travel interests.


SkillsMobile Development (React Native) , Backend, UI/UX, Branding