Cy Woods

Cy-Woods wanted an app that would be the hub of all student activities. Simublade saw an opportunity to give back to the community and built an app that could be a learning opportunity to students.


The administration of Cy-Woods in CFISD wanted an app that was the hub of all school-related activities. Communication, Grades, Schedule and Sports. The ability for students and parents to see grades on the go without having to log in online. Notifications of grades and messages from administration and teachers. Live sport scores and up to date news on everything going on in the district.

We took this in as a community help initiative. Helping students learn how to create and design apps, while creating the functionality necessary to make it all happen. We delivered the Cy-Woods app, a hub for the school providing up to date news, grades, sports and more for no charge. Furthermore, we gave app-development lessons to students to maintain it in the future.

The Cy-Woods app was downloaded by 60,000 devices within a few days in the district, rising to #1 in Education and #16 in Top Paid, with profits going directly to the school. It was a learning opportunity for students who continue to maintain the application all on their own. Simublade continues to provide guidance to students as they take care of the app.

Cy Woods

ClientCy Woods
SkillsiOS Application Development

An app created as part of an Open Source initiative for the local school. We built an application that allowed students, teachers and more to stay up to date with school activities, receive notifications, look at sports scores and more. Furthermore, it allowed students to access grades and view progress.

We built this app with design elements provided by students, and gave the source code to the school for further teaching.