Notifi is an IPS system with one goal: automating people's lives. By providing micro-location context to devices all around, notifi aims to make current technology even smarter.


Accantus envisioned a new type of IPS system and platform, one that allowed for high precision and adding context to automation solutions of today. They needed the hardware and software necessary to allow a consumer solution that could interact with automation systems like Nest, Alexa, Hue and more. The goal: automate lives of today

Notifi was the resulting solution. An ultrasonic location system that could provide indoor location within less than a meter of accuracy. Communicating with Bluetooth, notifi beacons can connect to any mobile device and track the location indoors. Thus allowing triggers to take place when a user enters a certain area. We developed the hardware and software necessary to achieve this, building out ultrasonic/bluetooth beacons.

Notifi will be launching full scale later this year, exploring new markets and automating people’s lives. The goal is to help the impaired by providing indoor navigation and alerts based on micro-location. Making people more productive with contextual reminders and alerts. Finally making lives easier with home automation triggering.


SkillsMobile Development (iOS Android) , UI/UX, Hardware Development and Prototyping