PantryFi was designed to be the hub of the kitchen, monitoring ingredients and providing healthy recipes for everyone.


University of Texas graduates David and Audric wanted to create a platform that inspired people to eat more economically and healthy. Seeing how often ingredients would go bad, they wanted to ensure that people were using ingredients they already had available by keeping track of them.

The resulting hybrid mobile application was given the name PantryFi, designed to be the hub of the kitchen. PantryFi was designed with efficiency in mind, keeping track of every ingredient in your pantry including the amount and when they were set to expire. PantryFi would notify you days before expiration to make sure it would not go to waste, recommending recipes that used that ingredient. Furthermore it inspired people to be healthy, allowed them to enter their diet and restriction information and returning recipes based on goals they wanted to set for themselves. The recipes that were in the app were rated by users themselves, and given a score of health. These recipes could easily be searched for, and would allow filtering based on certain ingredients.

PantryFi was finished with development in April 2017. David and Audric are set to launch it mid summer, and hope it will make the impact of reducing waste and increasing healthiness. Already with the 1000 beta-testers that have been using the app for a bit, they believe it has made them more mindful of what they eat and what they throw away.


SkillsMobile Application, React Native, UI/UX
StatusDevelopment Completion