Parrotforce provides 24/7 personal assistant services to help people manage their time more effectively.


Parrotforce needed a solution to manage and automate their services. From routing request to managing customer subscriptions, Simublade was tasked with creating a solution to automate and integrate every aspect of handling customers.

Simublade created a solution that intelligently routes requests from calls, messages, and emails directly to personal assistants. In addition, our platform automatically tracks the amount of time spent on tasks and intelligently learns from customer request and responses. Simublade also built the customer management portal as well as the Parrotforce website.

With the platform Simublade created, Parrotforce is able to effectively route thousands of requests daily without missing a beat. In addition, the learning engine allows Parrotforce assistants to more effectively and intimately help customers. Parrotforce has streamlined their operations and improved customer service immensely due to the enhancements introduced with the platform. No more manual bookkeeping, no more lost requests.


ClientParrotForce Inc
SkillsBackend Services, Web, Machine Learning, NLP