Racr was created for racing enthusiasts. Interfacing with vehicle computers Racr allows for live racing data recording and allows users to compare stats and improve their skills.


Lustre Technologies wanted to create a platform for car and racing enthusiasts. They wanted to provide a social experience while focusing on a powerful data recording platform that interfaced directly with the vehicle computers to get live diagnostic and performance data.

The resulting multi-platform solution was Racr, a powerful data recording platform with a community spin. By interfacing with OBDII the mobile app could pull essential data such as speed, RPM, shift times, and so much more. With the combination of GPS and device sensors Racr could record the entire track session, and allow competition to take place sharing that data between friends. We’re excited to work on this application and help Lustre achieve their goal.

SkillsApp Development/UI/UX Design


A social media application for car enthusiast. Connecting through OBD-II, allows recording of car data for races and statistics and more. Allows sharing and comparing of stats.

iOS Development/Android Development

UI/UX Design